Rhino Liner Application Process

Rhino Linings Regina, SK

Rhino Extreme Spray-In Liner

Rhino Liners can be applied to trucks of all years, makes, and models. The Rhino application process delivers a seamless fit because it is sprayed directly to your vehicle; the liner is applied to every crevice. Our expert technicians have the qualifications, experience, and tools necessary to perfectly apply Rhino liner to your truck bed. Trucks are the most common, we’ve also had Cadillacs and other vehicles come in for extra protection. We can do our best to accommodate other vehicles and requests, so please feel free to contact us with a special request and we will work with you to understand your needs and make your Rhino lining vision real.

Rhino liners can be applied to:

  • Truck beds
  • Floor boards
  • Wheel wells,
  • Rocker panels
  • And more! Talk to us for special requests!

Give your vehicle a new life with Rhino Extreme™ Liner.

Rhino process in Regina, SK


Our Rhino application process begins long before spraying. To ensure your vehicle remains in perfect condition, we perform extensive prep work to make sure the product bonds properly to the truck bed.

  • We begin by taping off all areas of the truck except for the surfaces to be sprayed
  • Taping is essential for avoiding overspray and keeping lines clean
Rhino Linings application process in Regina, SK


Next, we use a power sanding method with an acetone cleaner to remove debris from all surfaces

  • Sanding ensures a seamless bond between the coating and your truck bed
  • This process takes between two to three hours but can take longer if there are additional truck bed accessories to remove and reinstall
Rhino Linings application process in Regina, SK


  • We use a high temperature, high-pressure Rhino application process
  • The two-compound mixtures comprising Rhino Extreme™ are stored separately and mixed prior to spraying to ensure high product quality and consistency
  • The compound is heated to 140 degrees and is sprayed at 2400 psi for even coverage
  • The spray formula allows custom application every time that fits your truck perfectly