The Rhino Advantage

Rhino Liner for Ford Trucks
Rhino Liner for Dodge Trucks
Rhino Liner for GMC Trucks


Rhino is proven to be slip-resistant, impact-absorbing, and noise-reducing. Rhino Extreme™ offers chemical and corrosion resistance, rust prevention, as well as superior impact resistance.


Repetitive impacts damage the bed of your truck. If you want to protect your investment without sacrificing your truck’s capability, trust Rhino Extreme Liner. You’ll minimize the damage from your cargo, as well as from chemicals and corrosion.


We stand behind our Rhino Extreme™ coating. Our applications will not bubble, crack, or peel for as long as you own your truck. Rhino Warranty reinforces your peace of mind.

​With the Rhino Extreme™ coating, you get the freedom to use your truck effectively, for work or play. Haul what you want and protect your investment from the elements. It’s simple, Rhino Extreme™ is the best quality spray-in liner for an affordable price.